8 Workout Apps To Help You Sweat Your Way Through Lockdown

It's like having a personal trainer in the palm of your hand.

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It’s tough to stay motivated to work out when you’re stuck (read: safe) at home. We know. Fortunately, everyone and their second cousin has hopped on the home workout bandwagon and is offering workouts for you to try – from Insta live, to Facebook, to YouTube and Zoom.

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But we know it’s a minefield online. So, we’ve put together a list of super helpful apps and virtual programmes which you can download at any time so you can stay on top of your training while we’re on lockdown. We recommend setting aside a certain time in the day for your workout; and rope your partner, kids, or even pets in! And why not challenge your mates – create a WhatsApp group or use the various app’s community channels – this will help to make yourself accountable and keep yourself motivated.

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PUMA’s training app PUMATRAC, which offers over 2400 minutes of training for free, now includes bodyweight workouts, so no equipment is needed and the more you train, the more PUMATRAC learns about you and suggests personalised workouts. You can choose from boxing, ballet, strength, Pilates as well as high intensity interval (HIIT) and low intensity interval (LIIT) workouts.

> Get it: Google Play | App store

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Under normal circumstances (when we aren’t on lockdown as a result of fighting a super-contagious and deadly pandemic), you can use the Peebee App to find outdoor and indoor classes in your area, to connect with likeminded workout buddies and a whole lot more.

But seeing as ‘normal’ classes aren’t an option right now, Peebee are offering free live workouts via their Facebook page. Trainers will take a variety of classes covering everything from strength and conditioning workouts to yoga. Classes start at 8am and run throughout the  morning so simply choose the class you wish to attend and tune in! You will also be able to access the day’s workout for 24 hours after the class.

>> Click here for Peebee’s Facebook page

School of Calisthenics

Keen to start bodyweight training? While this isn’t an app per se, The School of Calisthenics uses a virtual classroom  to offer a variety of bodyweight-focused programmes. Their have  body-weight basics programme teaches you the fundamentals of bodyweight training, as well as the individual moves through different modules. It even has assessments to check and track your progress. If you’ve always wanted to try bodyweight training, now’s your chance!

>> Sign up here

Mastered a bodyweight move? Why not enter it in our #MHBeastMode Competition! Full details here.

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Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club gives you access to over 190 free workouts across strength, endurance, yoga and mobility targeting your abs, arms, shoulders, glutes and legs. Sessions range from 15–45 minutes and are designed to help you see and feel results. Check out the 4-week Bodyweight only plan. The NTC has been consistently voted as one of the best fitness apps – and for good reason.

>> Get it: Google Play | App store

Rise Studios

The brainchild of Rachel Kolisi (yes, wife to the legendary Siya Kolisi) and her trainer Tammy Rawstron, Rise Studios is an online training platform with a focus on accountability, inclusivity and affordability. Historically, the Rise team have been focusing on women, but they have just welcomed a male trainer to the mix. He promises a unique training style that will challenge you and get you the results you’re looking for.

How it works:
• Find the package that works for you
•Subscribe to the relevant Online Training Program
•Receive workouts weekly -with demo videos
•Workouts will always be new, exciting and easy to follow.
•Workout anywhere, anytime
•Requires limited equipment

>> Stay tuned to risestudios.co.za which will be launching soon.


Traditionally, Strava is an app that tracks your runs and rides, which as you know, we aren’t allowed to do during lockdown.

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However, people are being creative when it comes to getting their runs in and are taking to running around their houses, gardens, swimming pools or even balconies. You might not get a PB, but it’s a challenge in itself to see just how far you can run in a confined space, and then sharing it for all the world to see.

Strava also has the funtionality to track your cardio workouts. Link it to your tracker (Garmin, Suunto or other) and you can track your calories burned, maximum and average heart rate and more. The basic version is free but you can upgrade to premium where you get a more indepth analysis of your workout.

>> Get it: Google Play | App store


This one’s for the weight lifters out there. While most workouts require weights, if you don’t have any at home, they have released some that require bodyweight only.  Choose your focus (bulking, weight loss, general fitness) and select the programme type (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and you’re all set.

>> Get it: Google Play | App store

Speed Shred


Ready To Lose Fat & Build Muscle? Sign Up To Speed Shred

Ok, so this one isn’t an app, but it’s MH’s own virtual workout programme that’s perfect to do while on lockdown because all the workouts are bodyweight-focused. It helps with meal prep too, because all the shopping lists are downlodable so you can keep time in the shops to a minimum. Use your phone, desktop or download the pdfs.

>> Get it here 



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