6 Questions With SA Olympian, Dominique Scott

Dominique Scott– TeamSA Olympic runner and national record holder – is here to give you the ultimate rundown

Q1. What’s a punishing training drill that you dread – but is too effective to skip?
It’s not the drills that bother me; it’s what comes after the drills. I have to bribe myself to do recovery exercises, like icing, stretching and rolling. They’re not painful, but they take up time when all I want to do after a workout is go shower and eat. But they have a huge impact on my recovery.

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Q2. When it comes to running shoes, what’s better: cushion or minimalism?
Neither. You don’t want a shoe that sticks to either of those extremes. Most of these types of shoes are only designed for neutral runners, and will probably injure you in the long run. What will work for you depends on your running style – if you’re neutral, an over pronater or supinater. If you have no idea what those mean, get your gait tested at a running store, and make your decision based on the results.

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Q3. Will strength training improve my PB?
Without a doubt! Most runners neglect strength training because they think it’s not good to lift weights and get “heavy”. But the reality is that strength training is a vital part of my regime. I do two one-hour weight-training sessions each week, with a certified strength coach.

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Q4. I took on a Parkrun and found myself at the back of the pack, out of breath. How do I get over the sensation of my lungs closing up?
Here’s one of the best tips I have on breathing: aim to create a rhythmic pattern of breathing that is in sync with your foot strikes. For example, breathing in using your nose and mouth during two foot strikes, and out through your nose and mouth on the third.

Q5. I’ve spent most of my life glued to the couch. I want to start running and get back into shape. What is step one?
Create a goal for yourself, then set yourself a time limit to achieve it. For example, your goal could be to finish your first 5km. Find a Parkrun near you, and sign up. Write down your goal and put it up in a place you’ll see every day (try the bathroom mirror). It’s a constant reminder of what you’re working towards, and will keep you motivated.

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Q6. What should I eat to keep up my energy levels during a run?

Stick to wholefoods, like fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and good-quality, unprocessed meats. Stuff to avoid? Steer clear of too much fibre or dairy before you set off. Too much of either will result in a very uncomfortable run!

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