5 Local Fitness Influencers You Need To Follow On Instagram

Need motivation? Or just some tips to get started? These guys are there to help.

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Does your workout mainly consist of scrolling down your Twitter feed, double-tapping on Instagram and swiping left or right on Tinder? If so, give these guys a follow, they’ll motivate you to exercise more than just your thumbs.

1. Lehasa Moloi (@hasaling)

The actor, presenter and model has come a long way since landing a role in Spud: The Movie, where he played PJ Luthuli. He now stars in the Mzansi Magic drama Rockville, but has dedicated his Instagram profile to his fitness and to motivating others.

Together we stand, divided we fall, literally ? ❤ ZA #TheMolois ?: @brianb_eze

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Lehasa alongside his wife Cleo (@cleomoloi), together they are fitness couple goals.

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2. Riaan Barnard (@barnardriaan7)

Fitness enthusiast Riaan Barnard has featured many times on The Expresso Show giving viewers a different and more creative take on fitness and working out. And his Instagram shows how dedicated he is to keeping fit and helping others do the same (note: he really likes skipping to uptempo music!).

Here he is on Expresso with Zoe Brown (@zbzoebrown) showing how you can work out in your kitchen while doing dishes.

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3. Tiaan Grobler (@t.grobler)

Professional gymnast Tiaan Grobler flips (literally) onto our list of Fitfluencers that you need on your social media. Hard work, dedication and a lot of flying through the air is what you’ll find when scrolling through his profile. He ranked 16th in the Men’s All Round Artistic Gymnastics section at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Check out this video of him doing his thing! Don’t try this at home, kids.

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4. Rudi Witkowsky (@rudiwitkowsky)

Nothing better than working out in the Maldives. Squat jump: simple, but highly effective exercise which strengthens your entire body. Place your feet shoulder width apart. Do not bend your knees. Push your buttocks back , place your hands across your chest. Push down and ensure that your knees do not exceed the front of your toes as you squat down. As you squat down explosively jump up rising above the ground landing in the original squat position. Always ensure that your back is  straight with a neutral spine. Keep looking in front of you as this will ensure that you keep your back straight. I normally aim for 3 sets of 12 jump squats. #workout #Easyabs #coach #Online #personaltrainer #move #squat #nutrition #diet #exercise #tiot8 #Tuesday #sweat1000 #trainorremainthesame #Maldives #endorphins #aesthetic #workoutprogrammes

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“Do not follow your peers with their training schedule. Start light and build yourself up. Start according to your own ability. Your only obstacle is yourself.” – Rudi Witkoswky

A former accountant, now a personal trainer, Rudi is making waves in the fitness scene as a contestant on the Tropika Island Of Treasure Maldives. A must-follow for whoever needs motivation to exercise and workout tips.

Here’s a preview of his upcoming workout programme for abs.

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5. Johry Batt (@johrybatt)

“If you’re forcing yourself to train, then something’s wrong. It should be part of your lifestyle and you should see it as your daily escape.” – Johry Batt

Being a successful entrepreneur with a fast-growing fitness brand, this guy does it well. MH Cover Guy, Founder Co-owner of Huba Fitness, Johry should definitely be on your list to follow, especially for aspiring cover guys.

Here he is at Women’s Health’s Fit Night Out doing an intense workout class.

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If you have any other suggestions for local fitfluencers, or if you feel that you and your posts fit the bill, let us know on our social media!

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