5 Health Tips For A Long Life

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These 5 simples tips will keep you healthy

1.Put a Lid On It

You can dramatically reduce the amount of oil needed to pan-fry

foods by simply keeping the lid on the pot. The lid catches and returns moisture that would normally escape, thus preventing the need for more oil.

2.Throw In the Towel

Reheating last night’s pizza in the microwave? Put a paper towel underneath to absorb moisture and keep the crust from turning into a soggy, doggy chew-toy.

3.Chip Off the Old Courgette

Fancy some chips to go with that burger? Try frying courgettes. Slice two courgettes into fry-sized pieces and, using only half a teaspoon of oil, sauté in a large pan over medium-high heat until lightly browned. Sprinkle with basil or, if you like things hot, with Cajun spices.

4.Shake, Don’t Bake

To reduce sodium intake, don’t add salt to food during cooking. Rather shake it over your food when the plate reaches the table. Research shows that people given unsalted food – but a free hand with the shaker – put back less than a fifth the amount originally called for in the recipe.

5.Lap Up Leftover Milk

Your favourite breakfast cereal may be fortified with a veritable alphabet of vitamins, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting all the nutrients listed

on the side of the box. Up to 40 percent of them will dissolve away in your milk – to be poured down the drain when you’re finished spooning the crunchy bits of cereal. A better idea: pick the bowl up and

slurp the milk down.

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