12 Top Food Trends For 2012

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12 big food-related trends that will carry over into 2012

1. Changing Food Culture — Meal Fragmentation (fewer family meals planned by mom)

2. All By Myself — Eating Alone (44% of adult eating is done solo)

3. Did You Say Meal? Sorry, We’re a Snack Culture (48% of adult eating is snacking)

4. Immediate Food Consumption — My Way, Now Please (11% of adult eating includes foods or beverages purchased an hour or less previously)

5. Sorry, June; It’s a Modern Family (more likely to be intergenerational, non-traditional, single parent, unmarried, and multi-ethnic than a traditional nuclear family)

6. Wellness = Quality of Life (health is no longer a goal, health is a lifestyle and about fun)

7. Food Culture (the interaction of values, ideas, practices, ingredients, preparations, tools, techniques, actors, and everything else food-related).

8. Nutrition Education (consumers want help that is relevant to their daily lives — not symbols, icons, and calorie counts)

9. Food Occasions — New Vision for Meals (they have identified about 150 distinct eating occasions, over and above the traditional three meals)

10. Millennials want marketing messages to be fun

11. Large food brands are losing share to smaller, more interesting niche foods, and

12. Consumers are looking for more interesting food shopping experiences.

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