11 Cover Guy Muscle Tips

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When we talk about getting a body ready for a summer full of pool parties and days at the beach, we’re talking about getting as lean as possible, as quickly (and as safely) as possible. It’s tough to change bad habits, but you’ll see results if you work to maintain this diet and workout routine. All you have to do is put some effort into making some 
lifestyle changes, but I back you.
First off, you’re going to have to make some changes in the meal (and probably multiple snacking) department. As you’ve heard time and time again, diet is the biggest battle that you’ll fight when you’re getting into shape. And killing yourself in the gym will never be enough 
without a good eating plan.
Don’t think of it as a diet, think of it as a lifestyle adjustment, and start integrating it into your everyday life for the long-term. You don’t want to look good for summer only, right?
Remember that most men take care of their cars and bikes as if their lives depended on it – with only the best fuel, oil and services. So why then would you throw sawdust into the tank when it comes to your body? From now on, it’s rocket fuel for you!

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