The April Issue



With the continuing decline of the rand, food prices going up and winter on its way you, you may be feeling a little uncertain about the future. Cheer up, we’ve got your back. The only certain things in life are death and taxes. Here’s how to make sure you hold your own against both.

How To Maximise Your Money

Healthy men manage their personal finances in healthy ways. Over the years, Men’s Health has shared essential advice from the top financial experts. Here are our nine best tips of all time.

The New Rules Of Bodybuilding

Emerging research shows that not all traditional bodybuilding principles hold up to scientific scrutiny. Here is what you need to know about the new rules of bodybuilding.

What She Wants In Bed

Maximise your extended playtime by pinpointing the five pleasure points that she wants you to touch according to our online poll.

5 Morning Brain Hacks To Be More Successful

The way you start off your day explains everything about your lot in life. Are you content, or are you hungry? The most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs get their most productive work done in the early hours

Learn The Crossfit Basics

To take the average person and make them functionally fit Crossfit starts with nine foundational movements. Watch them all here.

Build Your Money Muscle