What is
* The website isn’t just the online version of the magazine. It’s the continuation of the overall Men’s Health brand
* To give men the information they need to live the life they want

* Dynamic content types give exciting depth to the site, allowing users to explore and engage
* Powerful flash tools provide attention-grabbing branding solutions
* Downloadable workouts, multimedia channels, interactive quizzes, editor’s web picks, popular slideshows
* Engaging community platform which improves user status as they interact
* Newsletters
* Advanced user profiling features
* Expert advice columns across all of the key editorial pillars
* Feature content by international writers
* Social networking integration

Traffic & Reach
* Monthly newsletter to subscribers
* Weekly tips newsletter that reaches subscribers

Target Market
He is:
* Educated and likely to hold a postgraduate degree
* Works hard for his money
* Affluent: Upper LSMs 8-10
* Primarily aged: 25-40

Advertising Opportunities
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Cape Town (021) 468 8299
Jo’burg (011) 993 8050
Durban (021) 468 8070

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