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Ziplining At 
African Safari 
Adventures, Hazyview
GPS:  S 25° 3’ 6.88”
E 31° 8’ 12.02” | Province: KwaZulu Natal | African Safari Adventures
What better way to see the forest for the trees than by whizzing through them at 100km/h?

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
GPS: S 25° 26’ 23.62” 
E 20° 54’ 10.72” | Province: Northern Cape | SanParks
Escape the city for 
3.6 million hectares of Kalahari Desert that spill over the border with Botswana. Keep an eye out for black maned Kalahari lions.

Become A Certified Diver, Sodwana Bay
GPS: S 27° 32’ 45.00” 
E 32° 40’ 9.00” | Sodwana Diving
Province: KwaZulu Natal
Do your licence at Sodwana Bay Lodge and spend your summer cavorting with manta rays, turtles and whale sharks at one of the southernmost tropical  coral reefs in the world.

Paddle Down 
The Orange River
GPS:  S 28° 36’ 48.58”
E 16° 27’ 29.72” | Umkulu
Province: Northern Cape
Umkulu Adventures will guide you as you cruise down South Africa’s longest river on trips of up to six days of fishing, swimming and stargazing. Catch a barbel – it’s pretty much inedible but it’s the size of a child and it belongs 
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