25 Life-Changing Road Trips

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While every other unimaginative soul 
is trying to out-Instagram each other with shots of their toes in the sand or plane wings in the air, choose an adventure worth remembering. When last did you speed through backroads 
in a vintage car like Hunter S. Thompson, battle fiesty game 
fish like Ernest Hemingway, throw yourself out of a plane like Geronimo, fire shotguns like Hunter S. Thompson (again) or 
ride a motorcycle like Che Guevara? Exactly. Now, get out there.

1. Best Hangover Cure
2. Best Road To Open Up Your Engine
3. Best And Freshest Seafood
4. Best Challenge To Test Yourself
5. Best Pubs To Drink 19th Century Style
6. Best Spots To Braai
7. Best Places For Padkos
8. Best Places To Experience
9. Best Way To Blow Off Steam
10. Best Way To Incite Traffic Light Jealousy
11. Best Place For Peace And Quiet
12. Best Fight You’ll Have All Summer
13. Best Game-Viewing Vehicle
14. Best Sushi In The Country
15. Best Way To Feel Wind In Your Moustache

– Ian McNaught Davis