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5 Reasons To Buy The July Issue



Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is the third-strongest human on the planet. But you will most likely know him as the Mountain from game of thrones. The fearsome behemoth who grabbed the world’s attention in his mighty hands and crushed it.

Men’s Health spoke to the Herculean father of one at his home in Reykjavík after his morning gym session.

The Big Protein Cookbook

It builds muscle. It burns fat. And now, it seems, we can’t get enough. From supermarket aisles to bespoke nutrition deliveries, protein has never been so popular.

But to feel the full benefit, you need the right amount. Are you getting your fill? MH ran the macros then enlisted 12 top chefs to create your ultimate muscle-kitchen bible.

Halve Your Body Fat: Weight loss Secrets from our Belly Off Brothers

This workout, from CrossFit champion Rich Froning, combines bodyweight moves with big lifts to deliver results in a hurry

Drop 4kg in 3 weeks!


Train Like A Gymnast: Build instant muscle (and a sixpack!) with our gymnastic rings plan

Core stability. Sheer athleticism. Training with rings separates Olympians from the rest of us.