Deven Naidoo, 30, Richards Bay, Management Accountant

Weight: 17kg | Waist: 17cm | Chest: 7 cm


Deven Before

Fry Fat with Farmer’s Walks
“In the past, my focus was on 
and off,” says Naidoo. “I would 
do things short-term where it would be more like a diet or one or two weeks of gym. It wasn’t consistent. I would lose weight and then gain it back the next week. But in this challenge I had a purpose every day. It helped me focus and gave me a goal.”
Naidoo reckons that 
although you need discipline, 
you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Having a bad meal or losing a day of exercise isn’t a tragedy. “I used to stress about it, but if I eat badly, it’s only 10% of the whole week – so I concentrated more on the positives more than the negatives.”


Naidoo’s Top Tips
1. Get Stronger, Get Quicker
“I started off with one day cardio, one day strength training. I mainly used machines and when I lost enough weight and got comfortable, I started using free weights.”

2. Shred Fat At Speed
“I was doing a lot of super setting,” says Naidoo. “I would just run 
for 10 minutes, warm-up on the 
treadmill then go on to the strength exercises.” If the gym is full, adapt with push-ups and crunches, he advises.

3. Sculpt Guns
“My favourite exercise is the 
farmer’s walk where I walk and stop and do some push-ups.  That’s strengthened my triceps and my shoulders.”