Warren Salzwedel, 25 shows us what worked for him…

THE GAIN As a teenager, I didn’t do much sport, aside from the occasional game. So, unfortunately, I’ve never really been fit, but the real weight gain occurred when I left school and headed to the UK. The job I found at a hotel provided loads of rich, free food and one too many regular cold beers. In fact, way too regular. Over a period of five years, I went from 73 to 106kg.

THE CHANGE On my twenty-fourth birthday I found myself buying size 42 pants. I took a long, hard look in the mirror and realised that enough was enough. I had gotten to the stage where I never took my shirt off and felt very self-conscious. I’ve always been inspired by the Belly Off! Club, so I made it my challenge to get back into shape.

THE STRATEGY The first step was to break my unhealthy habit of drinking excessively. I reduced my intake and also swopped the numerous beers for fewer whiskeys. The next step was to reduce the amount of fatty,cholesterol-raising meat I was eating. I started to incorporate as much chicken and fish into my diet as possible. Besides reducing my total meat consumption. I also became more aware of food. I was buying and eating. As for exercise, I began doing a few simple moves at home. Once I became comfortable with them, I set up my own routine and constantly challenged my muscles and limits. I found that I really enjoyed working out in supersets. As I became fitter, my training went from three days a week to five days. And the best part is that I’ve done this with only a few basic pieces of equipment.

THE REWARD I motivated myself by buying a pair of jeans that were two sizes smaller and then challenged myself
to fit into them. It sounds silly, but it worked.

THE RESULT I’m healthier, happier and much more confident!