Pull-ups Are 
the Silver Bullet
Gerhard Combrink, 35, Randfontein, Handy Man


Gerhard Before

Weight: 15kg | Waist: 12cm | Chest: 2cm

The Belly Off! Reader Challenge brought wholesale changes into Combrink’s life. First, he quit smoking and drinking. Then he lost 12cm off his former beer boep. Now he’s added MMA to his training routine, and the 
kilograms of fat are continuing 
to evaporate.
After three months of commited exercise and a whole new mealplan, Gerhard’s quality of life has dramatically changed. “I feel really good and all my friends have noticed it,” he says. “When you start losing weight, and you look at yourself in the mirror and you can see a difference – there’s nothing better than that. I’m not going to stop.”

Combrink’s Top Tips

1. Mix It Up
“I used Men’s Health workouts, and I play around with the diets as well. The advice that I can give to readers is they must choose the exercises and diet that works for them.”

2. Pulling Power
Combrink’s silver bullet is pull-ups. “They’re harder than the other exercises but they make you stronger. The same with dips: I can see a big difference in my arms.”

3. Cut Carbs
“I cut out carbohydrates like potatoes and rice, and swopped potatoes for sweet potatoes. I ate as much green vegetables – like spinach and broccoli – as I could.”

4. Boost Your Resistance
Get some vitamins and minerals, Combrink advises. “Every time you get sick, you cut out two weeks of training and then you pick up weight again and it’s difficult to come back, so they must make sure they don’t get sick.”