Radio DJ Julio Garcia beat 10 000 contestants for his job, but weight loss was a tougher battle


Name: Julio Garcia
Occupation: Radio Jock/Voice-over artist/MC
Age: 38
From: Fourways, Johannesburg
Height: 1,81m
Weight before: 110kg
Weight after: 90kg
Time to goal: 3 months

The Gain

A career in radio along with lots of public speaking left no time to be health-conscious. And appearing at all those events meant eating whatever was made available by the caterers. Because I was very confident, I never thought being a bit chunky was a problem.

The Change

The weight-loss challenge was incredible. The best thing about hard work and dedication is when people start to notice. I use that as motivation. I exercise four to six times per week excluding running at least three kilometres on alternate days. I drink less and I’ve stopped smoking. I’m still not ripped, but that’s my next goal. My new motto in life is: “Its hard to beat somebody who never gives up!”

The Strategy

The goal was to lose 20kg and reach 10% body fat. For this, I trained like I was getting ready for a boxing match. I was fortunate to have my gym membership, personal training advice and supplements sponsored. If you love the sport of boxing, you’ll appreciate the cardio workout it gives. Being trained by professional boxers also helps in terms of self-defence and de-stressing. I reached my goal in three months, alternating training days at least three times per week at first, so I could build up to my new lifestyle.

The Reward

I love feeling the way that I do now. I feel healthier, I look younger and I’ve realised that hard work and dedication at anything always gets you to where you want to be. Exercise has made me realise this. I will never be that fat guy on the couch with a pizza and a beer on a Saturday morning again. I’ll be outside doing something active, and then I’ll eat pizza and drink beer. You have to earn your cheats.

The Result

I reached my goal and lost 20kg and got down to 10% body fat. I now run regularly and, due to my fitness, I’m pushing and reaching levels I never thought I could. I’ve also managed to stop smoking after 18years of sucking on those cancer sticks. Most of all, I’m happy! I just feel on top of the world. I’m living healthier, feel happier and I’m ready to push my boundaries even further.

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