They did it, so can you.

Here’s 4 Surprising Things You Can Learn From The Belly Off Finalists.

Eat More Often
Being too busy is a big reason why many of us put off our weight loss challenge. Take Belly Off finalist Peter Vee, he runs his own business and has responsibilities towards his family, which means that eating one or two big meals a day makes sense time wise.

Unfortunately it’s also the unhealthy option. He found that his weight loss mission received a boost after he committed to eating smaller meals more often.

The Small Things Matter
When we think of the foods that enable our belly to grow, it’s usually the big stuff: pizza, greasy burgers and that third helping of pasta. But we often forget the small things that are just as guilty of stopping us from achieving your goals.

Belly Off winner Steven Neofitou cut out chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks in his march towards a healthier body.

Take a good look at your eating patterns. Are there any petrol-station kiosk pies, sweets or cups of coffee with 6 spoons of sugar that you could cut out?

“It’s Not A Jail” – Belly Off Finalist Johann Pistorius
If you really have a craving that needs to be satisfied, then go for it. Just don’t fall into the vicious eat-guilt cycle. That one where you feel so guilty about eating badly that you have a chocolate to improve your mood and then feel even more guilty.

You’re human after all, so allow for a cheat day.

It’s Not a Diet!
Yes, starving yourself and surviving on seaweed or whatever the latest diet fad is might help you shed kilos, but it is unlikely to help you maintain a healthy weight. All the Belly Off finalists overcame their weight problems by focusing on living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle by combining regular exercise with a healthy diet.