Styling T-shirts are crucial in any wardrobe. Use our rules to pick the right ones

You’ve been wearing T-shirts for years and it’s the most popular item in your wardrobe. It’s practical, versatile and can go with every look, whether it be a casual or smart look. To make sure your collection isn’t limited or outdated, use our shopping rules. The first essential is to have a good cotton T-shirt that fits comfortably.If you want to stand out from the crowd, opt for one with a graphic or retro design and funk it up with some slim-fit or skinny jeans. We like rocker, vintage-looking and printed T-shirts as well as V-neck shirts. Here are some options to get your collection started:


V-neck T-shirts, long-sleeved tops and jerseys draw the eye down, giving you the illusion of having a longer neck while deflating your

double chin.


Avoid an extreme colour contrast in your shirts and pants. It’ll break you in half and make a large middle stand out. Similar colours give a slimming look.


If you don’t have a gym-toned torso, be careful when wearing stripes and bold prints. Horizontal stripes makes you look wider, so opt for vertical elements to give you a cleaner and slimmer look. Alternatively, use the horizontal stripes to bulk up.