The Ultimate Shaving Solution for Real Men

We can’t help being charged up with beard inducing testosterone that produces sand paper tough stubble that can cut glass – but we can choose a shaving solution that works!

Designed by a real life “Blue Beard” who was bored to death with being a Desperate Dan look-alike, The Bluebeards Revenge range of quality shaving and skincare products is aimed at the problem shaver, the guy who has suffered for eternity due to his masculine beard growth.

The range of The Bluebeards Revenge shaving products was designed and engineered to tackle the toughest of beards whilst reducing razor rash, burn, cuts, nicks and ingrowing hairs.

If you have ultra-tough stubble, suffer from shaving irritation, then this is the shaving range for you.

Not just a brilliant shave


The Bluebeards Revenge is not just about the finest shaving products known to modern man. We also sport a unique range of shaving hardware and grooming products, including soaps, shampoo, bodywash, conditioner, moisturiser and much more. The Bluebeards Revenge is the Ultimate Shaving and Grooming Experience for Real Men!

The Bluebeards Revenge is totally against animal testing!

We couldn’t actually find any guinea pigs, beagles, lab rats or rabbits daft enough to volunteer for product testing so we resorted to testing on real human beings instead! Luckily the boys in the lab had done a fine job and all the chaps survived the experience and have suffered no ill effects. You can use all The Bluebeards Revenge products with no fear and a totally clear conscience!