Level up by picking the right fragrance for the right situation.

Beat Stress
Giorgio Armani Attitude EDT 50ml R799, Edgars. BEST FOR: 8am breakfast meeting. You’ll need something invigorating for that early start: the invigorating top notes contain an unusual blend of lemon and coffee, handy at 8am when levels of the stress hormone cortisol are at their highest. Eggs over easy please.

Stay Alert
Hugo Boss Just Different EDT 100ml R615, Edgars. BEST FOR: a kick start. Beat the afternoon slump with a little nasal stimulation. Research at Hiroshima Prefectural Women’s University linked basil (present in this fragrance) to increased alertness and energy. A strategic spray before a big presentation will provide you with a perfect pick-me-up.

Get Respect
Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme EDT 50ml Rxxx, Woolworths. BEST FOR: an all-day conference. For a standout office scent, this fragrance and its unusual hints of tobacco and black pepper is your pick. It’s masculine and fresh and the woody power strikes an everlasting effect.

Get The Girl
Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb EDT 50ml Rxxx, Woolworths. BEST FOR: 6pm drinks. This is an excellent day-to-night fragrance: its heady scent endures thanks to accents of tobacco, amber and vetiver. A fragrance with mature character makes it wearable for any occasion. Your post-work drinks should prove fruitful.

Make An Impression
Tom Ford Lavender Palm EDP 50ml R1 800, Stuttafords Sandton. BEST FOR: 8pm dinner. Lavender Palm combines the softest, woodiest elements with a breezy citrusy top note and mossy green base note to create an ever-evolving concoction that will draw her in. Woody scents can boost women’s arousal by 16%,” says therapist Dr Laura Berman, a female sexuality specialist.

Stay Focused
Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Extreme EDT 50ml R780, Stuttafords. BEST FOR: 11pm poker game. With tangy citrus tones and classic rosemary, Christian Dior is the James Bond of evening fragrances. If you’re in for a long night and need to keep your wits about you, give yourself a regular top-up spritz. Ready when you are Ms Moneypenny. Tip: If you wear a fragrance, avoid scented moisturisers or shaving creams. Mixed messages will confuse her, not enthuse her.