5-in-1 tool
Next time you’re hungry, dig this multiuse painting gear out of toolbox.
Half-round: Use it to clean the grates on your grill. Its angles 
reach places a large 
grill brush can’t.
Gouger: Use it to pop a small hole on the top of a metal olive oil jug so pouring goes more easily. 

Scraper/putty spreader: Use it, along with a dose of elbow grease, to remove the baked-on crud from 
pots or baking trays.

Needle-nose pliers
A (clean) pair can extract fish bones in double-quick time. Just drag your finger along the bones to expose them, and then use the pliers 
to pull them up towards 
the head.

Cordless drill
Whisk! For fluffy scrambled eggs, insert a whisk attachment into the drill and start beating.
Grind! Unscrew the knob from the top of a pepper mill, exposing the drive shaft, and tighten the shaft into your drill. Turn on the drill to grind 
a pile of pepper in seconds. (Pro tip: if not enough of the drive 
shaft is exposed, remove the pepper mill’s head.)
Scour!Drill a 5mm hole into the top of a large binder clip. Insert a 
5mm-wide, 25mm-long bolt through the hole so the threads stick out the top, and tighten a 5mm nut onto the bolt. Now clamp a sponge into the clip, insert the bolt into the drill, and turn on the drill to attack the grime on those dirty pots.