Maximise your seduction potential with the spellbinding techniques of neuro-linguistic programming

The Trick: Hidden commands

The Science Forget the old look into my eyes schtick. There are easier and more effective ways to place her under your spell. Harvard University studies found that hidden commands, essentially manipulative instructions or orders that are perceived as innocuous statements, bypass her brain’s critical response filter and covertly instruct her subconscious. It’s like wheeling your very own Trojan horse into her head.

Use it Hidden commands are commonly used in adverts. For example, when one says ‘Why have cotton when you can have silk?’ All your brain hears is you can have silk. In a similar way, if you say to her, Why stay in next Thursday night when you could come out with me and have fun? She’ll automatically visualise having fun with you, says Richard la Ruina, author of The Natural Art of Seduction. Or you could try, Isn’t it funny how films are so much more memorable when you see them on the big screen? We could enjoy a film together next week. Just make sure you don’t take her to see a vampire film…

Bonus Use hidden commands to strike deals at work. Nick Kemp, a trainer with the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), found recruitment agencies increased their success rate by 300 percent, simply by asking their clients to visualise doing business with them.


The Trick: Trance Words

The science Decoding her poker face is easier than you might think. Studies by the Social Issues Research Centre in Oxford proved that while it’s possible to control your words and facial expressions, your real thoughts will slip out via unconscious leakage such as secondary body language and key phrases.

Use it The words she puts particular emphasis on, or repeats frequently, are her trance words, says Ross Jeffries, a neuro-linguistic programming expert. By using the same words, you will be able to tap into her subconscious. When she hears you use them she’ll feel like you understand her and she’ll like and trust what you say more.F or example, if she uses adjectives like fantastic and amazing to describe people she likes, feed these back to her in questions. The more of her trance words you can weave into conversation, the more effective the trance and your connection. Not to mention your odds of having fantastic, amazing sex with her later on.

Bonus Use this trick to get a pay rise. Research carried out at the University of Texas Medical School shows that your boss is more likely to promote you if he recognises a similar way of thinking. So observe the way he addresses problems and mimic his watchwords. Knowing what sport he watches and who he supports won’t go amiss either.