How To Do It

She straddles him and wraps her legs tightly around his torso. Then you push, pull and rock against each other

Why To Do It

It’s ideal for those (admittedly rare) occasions without time limits, and without anyone else in earshot. The focus is on slow communion and the tandem rocking motion achieves momentum with some spontaneously spectacular results.

From the guy’s point of view, his partner is intimately and delectably open to him and if he’s willing to ensure that “the jewel of her clitoris is well-polished”… well, just be warned that she might come like a sweating, screaming inferno. This position is pretty much guaranteed to erupt into a Richter scale orgasm for him too.

Positioning for the Swing isn’t complicated, but a guy needs full command of his sexual muscles, his breathing and his stamina. Seismic pressure builds up gradually – those ancient men really understood that sex is a pleasure-activity, even for goal-oriented males.

Slowly is how to get the most out of the incremental sensations. This is one time when a guy doesn’t just go with involuntary muscle contractions that squeeze some extreme feelings through his loins, leaving him drained. Instead, he hovers in that wet hot zone on the verge, and increasingly floods his whole body with the intense pleasure that’s often awarded only to his penis as first prize. (Note to guys: it’s incredibly erotic for his partner that he knows how to sustain the desire and energy moving in his own body).