Eighty percent of all communication is non-verbal. Drop the chatlines and use seduction body language

Use your eyes

The most devastating long-range weapons in your seduction artillery.

Glance at your target roughly once a minute for the first five minutes. “And always look down when you break contact,” says body language expert Judi James, author of Sex Signals. “Looking down shows you’re approachable, reflective and perhaps shy.”

Secret weapon Imagine she’s the big-screen television you’ve always wanted. “A slight softening of the eyes is good,” says James. “It’s often called the look of love – and women love it.”

Use your chest

Coy, romantic and approachable is good. But you need to show her you’re an alpha male, not a pen pal. “Women are programmed to look at various points on a man’s body,” says body language expert Robert Phipps. “And you want to display broad shoulders to create a natural V-shape.” James says “the chest is a good way to show her you’re a good genetic bet. Don’t make the mistake of puffing it out. Instead, spread your shoulders, making your chest as wide as possible.”

Secret weapon “Imagine someone’s gently pulling on a thread running from your spine and out of the top of your head,” advises Phipps. Alternatively, ask one of your taller mates to pull your hair if they spot you slouching.

Use your mouth

Moving up close, it’s time to switch tactics. “Sticking your tongue into the side of your mouth and pushing out the cheek slightly is a sign of playfulness,” says Phipps. Try licking your upper lip in an understated way, too. “It sends out seductive signals. But do this subtly or you’ll look like a ventriloquist’s dummy.”

Secret weapon A full, genuine smile is your trump card. According to James, this needs to build slowly and linger for about three seconds to be effective.

Use your hands

The key to hand-signal seduction is simple: erect thumbs. “The signal sent out by partially erect thumbs is powerfully sexual,” says James. “Women see and take in everything – even if the message is subliminal.”

Secret weapon Roll your hands outwards, exposing your palms. “This says, ‘I am open and have no barriers’,” adds James.

Use your arse

Yes, your humble butt has a crucial role to play. “By moving it gently backwards and forwards while talking, you’re echoing the act of sex,” says James. It will subconsciously ignite [sexual fantasies](http://www.mh.co.za/sex-women/have-hotter-sex/sexual-fantasies) about you.

Secret weapon “Stand on one leg with the other relaxed and bent at the knee”, says James. “Shift the weight to the bent leg and back again, giving you a natural, rhythmical motion, which imitates intercourse.”