Go Hard, Fall Gracefully

Adventurous women and men naturally have higher levels of libido-boosting testosterone. “High sensation-seeking characters translate into curiosity, explorative urges and openness to new experiences,” says Marvin Zuckerman, professor and author of Sensation Seeking and Risky Behavior.

Try new things, hit the break at high tide, dance the rumba, try to learn Italian – and if you fail terribly, do so with a smile. Women will sense – and evade – any false bravado or swagger.

Stop Trying To Be Too Clever

The hardest part about approaching the alpha female? Keeping her interest. “Sensation seekers are less tolerant of people who are considered boring,” says Zuckerman. But save the blistering wit for later in the conversation. Once you’ve learnt more about her through conversation, turn on the charm.

Don’t Be A Pessimist

You don’t always need a storybook scenario at your disposal. You also need to be spontaneous. Sensation seekers usually understand that you can’t control every detail, says Zuckerman, but showing you can find your way helps them trust your compass.

Help Spike Her Adrenaline

“Risky behaviour of all kinds boosts arousal” says Alan Booth, professor of Sociology and Human Development at Penn State University. Even better, “Women who participate in physical activityare more easily aroused, have a stronger libido and have an improved ability to reach climax,” says Cedric Bryant, professor and chief science officer for the American Council on Exercise. And if you can’t keep her on her toes, you’ll pay dearly. How? Boring sex, if any.

Love Her Embarrassing Traits

Taking risks means failing sometimes, often visibly. The best move a guy can make is to support a woman’s risky ideas, and embrace her quirky traits. If you don’t, you ruin her confidence, andshe’ll start to think twice about you. Not a good idea.


Passion is contagious. Expose your woman to new things, and she’ll experience new things about herself. Best part, she’ll pair you mentally with adventurous behaviour, and will want more of you.