• marykepieterse

    Maryke Pieterse’s Getaway Tips

    It’s hard to keep up with a girl like Maryke Pieterse. But how exactly does a year-round jetsetter like Pieterse relax? With quick, easy 
weekend breaks. Use her three favourite weekend getaway tips to boost your own relationship ahead 
of a sizzling hot summer.

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  • Young woman in lingerie lying on silk blanket

    Can You Tame The Cheater?

    If your partner has a wandering eye, here’s how 
to spot it – and stop her from straying. First, the bad news: your partner is hardwired for infidelity. Now the really bad news: it’s happening. In our recent nationwide survey 32% of Women’s Health readers admitted to cheating. But all is not lost. Studies show there are five specific types of female philanderer. Here’s how to spot her cheating “type”, so you can neutralise that impulse now.

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  • ColouredCondoms

    Your Most Common Condom Concerns

    From breakage to prevention, we all have condom concerns. Here are the most common ones.

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  • reboot your relationship

    Reboot Your Relationship!

    Six out of 10 men claim that they’re unhappy with their partner. Use this five minute quiz to judge whether you should stay or go

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  • sex lies

    Her Sex Lies Exposed

    To find out how women really feel about sex we hooked them to a polygraph and asked some dirty questions

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  • hers

    5 Marital Finance Myths

    Marriage is a union of love, not business. (Well, we hope…)

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  • sleep

    Have A Sex Dream Every Night

    Dreams are probably processing the same thoughts, fears and hopes that you have while awake. Here’s how to have the right ones

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  • pool, snooker, relationship, threesome

    Who’s Sinking Your Love Life?

    When you start dating a new woman, everyone becomes a critic. Learn who to ignore – and realise who might have a point

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  • date-660x878

    Seduce Her With Silence

    Nonverbal communication during sex is more essential to satisfaction than talking is.

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  • drinkwithher

    Drink With Her

    Do couples who drink together stay together?

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