With many new concepts and products flooding the ‘sex industry’ like the Japanese “Masturbation Hero”( Tengaman) for men, the Blush Brush for women and the S.T.EYE concept condom, comes as no surprise that someone has finally thought about a ‘deodorant –like condom’.

A concept that design student, Michele Chu from the Pratt Institute in New York City, designed and entered into the Next Generation Condom challenge, sponsored by Bill Gates.

This concept is something that Chu hopes would be the centerpiece in her ‘lovers’ kit’ line dubbed ‘Girlplay , for bold and daring women’. However I am not sure about this concept as her motivation for designing this ‘spray on latex’ is not as noble as one would hope.

Chu, expressed that she became tired of the ‘boring wrappers and aesthetic ‘design of condoms’ and wanted to create something bold and daring. You probably thinking what the issue is then, but what about making sex safer, easier and comfortable.

You have probably heard the age old adage- “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix”, which could sound like “If it ain’t broke, make it spray out of a can with a cool logo on it”; as Chu’s concept has not been proven to protect users against STIs or anything for that matter.

My question to you is, would you be comfortable with your partner or you spraying something onto your genitals? It could be sprayed directly onto the vagina or penis almost like a spray on bandage; however you will need to wait two minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Now I would not disagree with you, if like any man, you thought that two minutes is way too long of a wait; which is the first reason that this concept never took off in the first place, as according to Medical Daily.

“German inventor Jan Vinzenz Krause already tried to market the first spray-on condom back in 2006. However, his design never really gained traction because waiting for the condom to dry was deemed too long.

Here is the part that will have you thinking whether it’s a condom or a flat-screen TV, as the ‘lovers’ kit’ is equipped with a remote device that can activate flavours, sense and warming functions within the condom. Like are there sensors to receive a signal? If there are, would you really like to have it being chafed vigorously inside of your partner?

Matt Lieberman, host for Sourcefed podcast, called this concept a “Dick warming computer chip in a spray on condom can”.

One last thing to point out is what about the reservoir tip? “A reservoir tip is known as a safety feature, as ejaculate can rise up and over the base of the condom and into the orifice if it has no place to go, referred to as a sperm catching dome that helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STDs.”

You would not be able to spray on a reservoir tip, which is a very important part of the condom, don’t you think?

We would like to hear from you on whether you would use a spray on condom or would let your partner use one?

Sources: Medical Daily, Sourcefed

Alice Paulse