We call them guys, men, dudes or gents. Ever wondered what makes them tick? Men’s Health features writer Ian McNaught Davis took the Ranger on a road trip of discovery, profiling South Africa’s men along the way, photographing, listening to their stories and learning what’s on their minds. He set off from Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of SA, to Messina, the northernmost tip, to find this out.

Ian hits the road
We know that the road can be long and lonely. Luckily the Ranger comes with smart technology that makes any drive you take more comfortable. Whether you decide to go off road and find adventure on a dirt trail, or hit the highway, the Ranger is built for the ride. Ian was also particularly pleased with the automatic transmission—perhaps changing gears gets a bit tiring after a couple of hundred Ks?

Cruise Control
On the long winding roads, Ian could set the Ranger in Cruise Control mode and let his legs rest with speed control allowing the Ranger to do the driving for him.

Bluetooth® with Voice Activation
Ford is always improving the driver experience by creating innovative technology.
Bluetooth® with Voice Control allows you to enjoy the advanced communication features of your Ford, without compromising your driving experience. You can make and receive hands-free calls, select music and even adjust the temperature with just a spoken command. It’s really easy to use.

Ian experienced the power his voice had in the Ranger. This feature is available on selected models across the Ford range.

Space to stretch your legs
The ample legroom in the Ranger means more comfort for the driver and the passengers. Now the driver has enough space to sit without a feeling a knee in his back.

Adventure’s calling
Ian was not shy to put the Ranger’s 4-Wheel Drive System to the test. It incorporates electronic shift-on-the-fly, allowing you to move smoothly from 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive without having to stop the vehicle. When you’re off-roading, you need to stay above obstacles if you want to stay on the move. The approach, departure and breakover angles of the Ranger plus its equally impressive turning circle help you do exactly that. The Ranger proves to be a versatile ride when you consider its performance on and off road. So when are you going on your next adventure?