Time is much more valuable, and in an ‘always on’ world, making sure you get to switch off is more important than ever. When it comes to your career, family and friends – balance is everything. That’s why the quality of your life and relationships are inextricably linked with time. While perseverance and dedication are essential to professional success, finding time to relax is equally important.

Fulfillment isn’t reflected by how you spend your money, but rather by how you spend your time. It’s not a commodity. It’s not a luxury. Time spent wisely is the key ingredient that determines if a man is truly Made of the Right Stuff. Yet sometimes, taking some ‘time out’ is often easier said than done. So here are some suggestions that’ll help you make more out of the time that we unfortunately, have so little of:

Lose the phone
A few hours of solitude might just help you take the edge off. Cellphones are there to help you in everyday life, but they by no means should control your every move. Unless you have someone to answer to, turn off your cellphone and remember that 25 years ago, the world was still spinning.

Break the routine
Repetition kills the human spirit and trying something new will help dissolve a pending nervous breakdown. Go to lunch somewhere else, start a different gym routine, or wear a dotted shirt to work. Either way, just breaking the pattern will reveal new opportunities. It will also provide a fresh puff of air during times that are quite often the very opposite.

Make time for lunch
In France, it is sacrilegious to not ‘stop everything’ during lunch. Food tastes better when you’re not rushing, and the French will never compromise a good meal. Good ideas, as we all know, come when you’re relaxing. So taking time off during lunch hour will give you that much-needed mental break and will leave you focused when you head back in.

Learn to say ‘No’
Being the ‘Yes’ man seems to be a good thing these days. But tying oneself up to commitments we can’t follow just adds stress to an already over-filled schedule. Learn to say ‘No’ when time is of the essence, and say ‘yes’ to things you know you’ll be able to do. The trick here, as with everything else, comes in finding the right balance. Windhoek Beer – brewed with nothing but malted barley, hops and water – is a testament to striking the perfect balance. It’s the result of hard work, best enjoyed when you relax.

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