Windhoek Beer has only three pure ingredients – malted barley, hops, water and nothing else. Compromise simply doesn’t exist.

Windhoek is one of the few beers out there able to say that it’s stayed true to its calling, by brewing beer the way it’s meant to be brewed: without preservatives or shortcuts, in the proud Reinheitsgebot brewing tradition.

Even at the height of the Second World War, when the right ingredients were impossible to source, Windhoek Brew Masters chose to temporarily stop their production rather than settle for second best. Over the length of nearly a century, many opportunities to take shortcuts presented themselves, but the Windhoek brewers never took the easy route or changed the original recipe.

In their latest TV commercial, ‘For The Love Of Pure Beer’ the brand shows the importance of saying ‘NO’, especially when it comes to making 100% Pure Beer. In saying ‘NO’ to a number of things, including accelerants, flavourants and other ingredients, Windhoek Beer drinkers are able to say ‘YES’ to 100% Pure Beer.

This TV commercial is part of a campaign that aims to show how Windhoek Beer’s promise of purity has stood the test of time – for almost 100 years.

“Not all beers have the courage and tenacity to keep saying ‘NO’, but Windhoek has done just that. By saying ‘NO’ when it counts, we believe we have continued to produce a beer Made of The Right Stuff that pure beer lovers can say ‘YES’ to.” Alan Roberts – Windhoek Marketing Manager

Watch the TV commercial here, and say ‘YES’ to a 100% Pure Beer that’s Made of The Right Stuff.

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