A mentor is like a personal trainer for your life

Everyone knows how hard it is to achieve even the simplest of goals. Self-discipline and not knowing how to pace yourself are some of the common mistakes people make when trying to follow through with their plans.

In fitness, when a beginner is trying to get fit and ripped, many fail because they push too hard in the beginning and get injured. Others fail because they just give up too soon. This is why people get personal trainers with years of experience to help guide them on their way to their fitness goals.

Life is not that different from fitness. If you want to achieve certain goals you have to practice often, create new habits and give yourself the right inputs to get the output you’re aiming for. The reason many people fail is because of lack of know-how and not having the right people to support their journey.

That’s why a mentor is like a personal trainer for your life. A good mentor is like a lighthouse to your vision. He or she is a life-coach and guide whose experience can help you stay on track and reach your finish line. A mentor can help you achieve your goals by listening to you, understanding your motivation and using their knowledge to apply their life lessons to your situation.

That’s what makes the Windhoek Right Stuff Challenge so unique. Not only are we giving away a R500,000 start-up fund to the two lucky winners of the Challenge, we’re also going to find each of the two winners a personal mentor with the relevant experience to help them reach their targets.

Windhoek is all about being Made of The Right Stuff – being true to yourself and believing in yourself. As a 100% Pure Beer brewed in the desert country of Namibia, Windhoek knows a thing or two about overcoming obstacles to achieve the goals you set for yourself, and we want to help more people feel the empowerment of getting where you want to be.

So if you’ve got goals, and you’re ready to become the person you’ve always wanted to be, simply buy any Windhoek beer and SMS the 12-digit code found under the expiry date (Hint: the code always starts with a ‘3’) to 32329 and you could stand a chance to win access to a personal mentor and a R500,000 start-up fund to help you achieve your goals.