What you need to know

If you thought the Xbox 360 was a better machine than the PS3, you’re lying to yourself – it was the cheaper games that made it popular. But we reckon the big shots at Sony needed new pants this morning after Microsoft unleashed a truly next-gen console last night. Don’t think so? Well here’s what’s new on the Xbox One


Inside is an 8-core processor, 8GB of RAM, Blu-ray, 500GB HDD, HDMI in/out, and USB 3.0. Accessories include a rebuilt Kinect (1080p sensor, 60fps video capture, heart rate sensing and a 60% wider sensor field), smart glass and the awesome new controllers which come in an array of configurations.

New Controls

Microsoft have blessed the new console with something they’re referring to as a “natural interface”. In short you use your voice to switch it on and navigate apps.
Sony have always held the lead in controller design, but the Xbox hits back with a few changes that make it more friendly to more hands. Also “rumble triggers”, which is exactly as awesome as it sounds. Feel the gun recoil in your hands, or the brakes working on the car.

Snap to it

Ever wanted to Skype your homies while playing a game? With Windows 8 snap mode you can launch an app while playing a game. And Skype works via the Kinect.

EA team-up

All the new EA Sports titles are powered by a the new EA Sports Ignite game engine, which is said to maximise the Xbox experience and change the way you play. Plus Xbox Live will be better integrated. Oh, and FIFA 14’s Ultimate Team mode, the most popular mode, is exclusive to the new Xbox.

Exclusive Games

Microsoft Studios will release 15 exclusive games in the first 12 months of the Xbox One lifespan, eight of which will be brand new franchises. Remedy games (Max Payne) are releasing a new title called Quantum Break and all Call of Duty downloadable content will launch first on Xbox One.

Original Content

343 Studios announced a new live-action show created by Steven Speilberg that Microsoft and 343 promise this will be on par with Game of Thrones.

Check the launch video here!