So maybe the world expected to have their socks blown off by the next big thing from Apple…

But the revolution is over – there’ll never be another iPad 1 bombshell. The new tablet features some cool updates, but like the iPhone 4S, it’s an evolution not revolution. We had a close look (from a distance) to see if it’s worth the wait (SA will possibly receive stock as early as June/July).

A5X processor

A powerful chip takes care of a quad-core graphics engine. So if you’ve been harbouring a desire to become a Top Gun pilot, there’s a game for that.

Retina Display

The new, high-resolution 2048×1536 display is not quite as good on paper as the iPhone’s, but the resolution exceeds the capabilities of the human eye, so it’s more than good enough. Spectacular, if the reports are anything to go by.

5MP digital camera

With a display like this, the device should at least feature a better camera that the pitiful one on the iPad 2. As the biggest improvement on the last version, the iPad 3’s camera features a 5MP rear-facing snapper and full HD 1080p recording.


Finally featuring 4G LTE, Apple have finally developed a device for this new data format. Trouble is, it’s still in testing here in SA, and when it does come, it’ll be pricey.

So is it worth the upgrade?

There’s a sense of similarity to the previous edition (which is still available at a lower pricepoint for now). So if you have a 2, rather wait a year for the 4’s improvements. If you still have the original version, pass it on to your mom and call to put your name on the list.

$499 – $829