After using the iPhone and a few Androids, going back to the old BlackBerry Bold feels like heading into a time warp. But the new Bold 9900 is a significant improvement, proudly shouting “We’re back!” from the rooftops.

It looks like the lovechild of a Formula 1 car and a bank vault, with a carbon fibre back and brushed metal rim around the outside. The real improvement though is in the user interface. BB has, at last, fully embraced the touchscreen and their new 7 OS is better suited to tap, swipe and pinch (like an iPhone). Of course, it vastly improves menu navigation, but like the Porsche 911, it’s evolution not revolution. All the usual power features are present and correct, like top-notch security, push email, BBM and Twitter. And relax Luddites, it still has real keys.