Social media continues to roar, with people spending more time on Facebook than any other website.

80% of Internet users list social media as their favorite surf spot, with 53% of these social networkers following a brand and 32% following a celebrity.

And while the use of mobile phones to access social networks is growing, the overwhelming majority still rely on computers (perhaps because it’s possible to look busy at work while embedding yourself in Farmville?).

Online behavior has great impact,too, and social networkers are as influential offline as they are online.

When compared to the average Internet user, social networkers are 47% more likely to be heavy spenders on clothing, shoes, and accessories; 45% more likely to go on dates; and 18% more likely to work out at a gym or health club.

A statistic that the Nielsen ‘State of the media’ report failed to mention was that by liking Men’s Health on Facebook where you shop, who you date and how you work out, will improve tenfold.