The Apple brand showed its true power yesterday, but not because they revealed some earth shakingly spectacular new products. After announcing some minor updates to their existing lineup, Twitter was abuzz with dissention. “Lame!”; “What a let-down”; “They’ve lost it”; “I’m buying an Android”. Apple admirers and closet fanboys alike were seriously disappointed, clearly expecting Apple to uncover a new gadget that would realign our paradigms. Even the share price dropped. “Where’s the iPhone 5?!” demanded Wall Street. It must be hard being Apple – if they don’t wow us with every keynote speech, we get annoyed. We’re spoilt; that Apple now owes us what we didn’t know was possible five years ago.

Anyway, in case you missed it, here’s what we can hope to have in our stockings this festive season, and it’s a lot better than it looks at first glance:

New iPod Nano – improved, multitouch interface with larger icons and 16 different virtual watch faces. Cheaper too.

New iPod Touch – there’s now a white version, a wider range of capacity options and with the new iOS software, it’ll feature iMessage and iCloud access.

New iPhone 4S – the S stands for Siri, new voice recognition software that controls various functions of the phone. The camera now has an 8MP sensor with improved optics and now videos in 1080p HD. For globetrotters, the antenna now allows wider roaming compatibility. A dual-core A5 CPU replaces the A4 for faster graphics and to cope with the processor hungry voice recognition function.

New iOS 5 – it’s all about the new software. iOS 5 features tons of useful (some long overdue) features. iMessage is set to challenge BBM, allowing text, picture, video, location and contact sharing. Notifications Centre improves the feeble iOS 4 software’s pop-up notifications. The Camera app gets an instant, push-button start-up, before ‘the moment’ is lost and Photos gets much-needed picture editing features. Reminders is a location-based to-do list, so if you’re at the shops, it’ll remind you to buy coffee.

Finally, Twitter gets better integration with other apps like Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, Maps and Contacts. Small enhancements improve Safari, Mail and Calendar and you can now wirelessly sync it all to your computer over Wi-Fi.

Like the Porsche 911, it’s evolution not revolution, but it’s hard to make big improvements to something that’s already very good. Then again, wait till next year.