Google Maps for Android

Just announced today, Maps now features 3D buildings view and the long-awaited turn-by-turn voice navigation. It works just like a conventional GPS, as long as you’re connected to a data network (your phone also stores previous routes for offline use). You’ll also get a snapshot of what the address looks like, just so you don’t miss it. Best of all, it’s free. If you have an Android 1.6 phone or newer, you’re in luck.


Another free mapping app for iPhone, this errs on the cute side, offering your car sweets to gobble up along the route. But apart from that it’s a serious navigation app that allows a 3D view and with its networking functionality, fellow users will let you know of any traffic or other factors that’ll delay your journey.

Dragon Dictation iPhone

Dragon is the most powerful, intelligent and therefore accurate dictation software available. Speak your mind and when it’s all transcribed, go through it to correct the mistakes. That’s how it learns. Then your message is ready to mail or Tweet. Here is the unofficial section of this posting. Because this app is only available in the US app store, you’ll have to open a US account link here.


Those that long for the analogue life love these great little notebooks. Now there’s the app. It may seem like it’s missing the point, but it still features some cool functions, like handy indexing, freehand sketching, photo attachments and geolocalisation, which will tag your seminal jottings in Jakarta. And unlike their pricey paper forefather, it’s free and never fills up.

Rugby World Cup

We couldn’t find any official apps for the upcoming RWC in NZ, so we were hesitant to buy any. We found one that was free called bFixture, with a list of matches and their dates, as well as team profiles, stadiums and news, which opens a link in the web browser. Not as slick as we’d hope, but a good stopgap till we find a better one.

Viber for Android

Finally, the Android platform gets Viber, the brilliant app that works like Skype, meaning that you can speak over the internet, using 3G or Wi-Fi. It’s just like the iPhone app where, unlike Skype however, you don’t need to build a contact list from scratch, just enter your phone number and anyone else in your address book who’s on Viber will automatically be linked.

Kindle Windows 7 (also Android, iPhone)

Windows 7 is gaining momentum, as you’d expect with the software giant tapping the hoop with a big stick. Now they’ve added’s Kindle app, that allows the downloading of any ebook on the web behemoth’s site, just like on their slim grey ereader. Your phone, that is now a laptop/GPS/camera/TV/game console, is now a book.


With one simple app, you can get thousands of the latest international and local magazine titles delivered to you as soon as they’re released. These are essentially high resolution PDFs of the exact pages of the title, so they aren’t embedded with video or other multimedia functionality. But it’ll keep your data costs down (or allow you to download more content). Essential for mag lovers.


It’s just been relooked. Even if you’ve used the web version, you’ll be surprised at how powerful this app is. Settle any movie argument instantly with information on virtually any movie made and their cast and crew. Plus there are trailers and reviews. It’s a must have.