A World Health Organisation report on dealing with stress highlights the following steps to building a positive self-concept:

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Acknowledge your good bits and accept your not-so-good bits; don’t beat yourself up about them.

Don’t allow yourself to be used or silenced

At the same time, be open to the opinions of others and their right to hold views that differ from yours.

Figure out what you want out of life

Use this as a guide when decision-making gets difficult.

Think through the consequences of your actions

Take responsibility for everything you do, both good and bad. This means praising yourself for a job well done and fessing up when you’ve made a mess of things.

Be honest with yourself

Accept that the truth is not always pleasant. But neither does it always have to be spoken.

Learn to forgive yourself and others

Wallowing in self-pity or remorse will only undermine your self-belief.