• taichimain

    Tai Chi Yourself Smarter

    Scientists in Shanghai, combined forces to study the effects of the ancient Eastern art of tai chi on the brain.

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  • heartfix

    Fix Your Heart

    Adopt these healthy 
habits to 
safeguard your 

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  • massage

    Massage Sore Muscles

    To relieve pain, don’t just randomly poke and rub, says Amber Davies, a massage therapist and 
co-author of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook

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  • Print

    A Tool To Manage Pain & Stress

    At the intersection of hypnosis and meditation, you’ll find guided imagery and music as a tool for managing pain and stress.

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  • feet

    6 Pre-Race Health Checks

    Run these checks before you rock up at the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon

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  • 7 second health test

    The 7-Second Check-Up

    Want to see how healthy you are? Take our 7-Second Check-Up!

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  • drinking problem

    Do You Have A Drinking Problem?

    Pinpoint the difference between a few post-work pints and a more serious drinking problem

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  • injury free running

    Run Injury-Free

    If you want to train smarter and go for longer you’re going to have to learn to run injury-free

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  • handstand

    9 Energy Drainers – And Fixes

    Skip that brightly coloured energy drink. Step away from the coffee machine. We’ll show you the smartest ways to power-up when your reserves are running low. Tomorrow at the office pitch up in something really original. Dress as a man who’s rested, refreshed and bursting with energy. Trust us – no one will ever recognise you. Ah, if only it was that simple. But it is…

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  • nose

    Fix A Broken Nose

    Avoid five hours in the casualty room with this 
surgery-free technique from ENT surgeon Azbar Shaida.

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