Premature ejaculation (PE) occurs prior to or within about a minute of penetration which can cause frustration and distress, usually resulting in guys avoiding sex, says Dr. Kok.

“It’s normal for the average guy to ejaculate within 2-5 minutes of penetration. Some men have had this problem for as long as they can remember (lifelong) while others may experience it suddenly (acquired). If it was acquired it can be due to prostate, thyroid or relationship problems or be secondary to ED.” He recommends consulting a medical doctor in such cases. “For both forms of PE, medication can be prescribed by your doctor. Performance anxiety also plays a role but men should have realistic expectations about how long they can last.

To be able to facilitate your partners’ orgasm, you must focus on longer foreplay and physically stimulating her to bring her to a higher point of arousal before penetration. A penis is not a tool or an instrument with which you provide an orgasm to your partner” – The Female Orgasm is far more complex than that!