Relax, mate: you’re increasing your risk of cardiovascular events. A new study by the European Heart Journal found a link between angry outbursts and a temporary spike in heart attacks, strokes and heart arrhythmia’s.

Researchers found a consistent increase in the risk of various cardiovascular events hours after an angry outburst. According to researchers, there was a 4, 7-fold increase in heart attack and acute coronary syndrome two hours after an angry outburst, a 3, 7-fold increase in the risk of ischemic stroke, a 6, 3-fold increase in the risk of hemorrhagic stroke and variable increases in arrhythmia’s after angry outbursts in those with cardiac defibrillator implants.

The authors do however note that the absolute risks are small due to rarity of angry outbursts despite increased risk of cardiovascular events’ outcomes. But the absolute risk of these outcomes would be larger for those with higher baseline factors for cardiovascular disease and those who had more frequent outburst, say researchers.