Meet the gaming console of the future that was built by gamers for gamers with the power of the cloud. The new Xbox One pushes the boundaries of realism. This new generation of games and entertainment goes beyond anything imaginable. As the years have gone by Xbox has continuously added features, content and capabilities to its consoles and the Xbox One was built in order to grow with you.

It is a one-of-a-kind advanced gaming and the best entertainment console combined. With an 8-core x86 processor, 500GB hard drive, Blu-ray player and built in WiFi it allows the user to switch between game, movies, music and the Internet with ease and hands free as it is all voice commanded. It can also connect to your cable or satellite with HDMI Pass-Thru, which enables the user to watch TV through the Xbox. Fusing a gaming OS and powerful Windows OS ensure the best of both worlds. Running a host of different apps alongside your game, doing many things at once, without any performance loss is what its all about.

Because it has all of your best movies, games, music, TV and web access in one place you will never miss a moment. Like watching TV while you Skype the family at the same time. Users can personalize their own home screen to allow instant access to all their favourites. It is also the newest way to surf the net. You can also use smartphones and tablets that can extend and control what’s playing on your Xbox.

With a whole new 40 technology innovations invested into the gaming controllers has made the Xbox One console that much better. With new impulse triggers that provide precise fingertip feedback creating a more realistic experience for gamers. Streamline design of the thumbsticks, D-pad and shape of the controller gives users improved precision and comfort in their hands. The all-new Kinect has been re-engineered to be more responsive, intuitive and allow you to reach into games and entertainment like never before with its 1080p HD camera.

Multiplayer has never been so advanced and you can play on one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures with millions of others around the world. The Xbox One has been designed to keep up with the fast pace lifestyle and will always be ready when you are. The Xbox One has been set for release on the 23rd of September 2014 for about R6299.99 and the Kinect bundle for R7999.99 at retail price. Check out the Xbox site to reserve yours today.

Contributor: Leo Langeveldt, Chief Technology Officer at Forge Technologies