We live in a quantifiable world of ever-growing, fast-paced technology, and you’re not getting left behind. To take up real estate on your wrist you want a watch that beeps intelligently, monitors your vitals smartly, gauges depth, height and altitude accurately – all while being better-looking and more opinionated than R2D2. Watches are from left:

R7 999, Citizen Watches
The smart, patented Eco-Drive tech (water resistant to 200m and with depth display from Japanese watchmakers) is packed into this attractive, modern dive watch. Their Eco-Drive solar cells also absorb light – both natural and artificial – and transform that into energy. So, 
as you’re cutting open a WW2 submarine with a blowtorch and realise you need to get back for elevensies, the battery on this watch should never fail you. We also back it as a good-looking all-rounder above the water.

R7 899*, Ultimo
Suunto’s upgrade to their leading Ambit, the Ambit 2 is one clever ticker. There are fantastic built-in functions like route navigation, an altimeter, barometric info and compass, and training specific tools that gauge speed, distance and heart rate. The kicker? Suunto’s own App store – Movescount – where you can download specialised apps. Like Climb Counter, for measuring hill sprints, to things like Beer Burner that works out how many beers you can have post-training without the weight gain.
*R8 399 with Heart Rate strap

R5 499, James Ralph
Compass? Check. Altitude, atmosphere and temperature readings? Check. Nifty looking watch that still tells the time accurately while doing all the other gadgety bells and whistles? Check. One of the best watches for data-measuring, the ProTrek is designed with features that are actually meant to help you in the great outdoors. Our favourite gadget, if you’re deliberating that last push to the top of K2, 
is a new atmospheric pressure trend alarm that alerts you to sudden swings in pressure.

R27 950, Treger Brands
The only reason this watch didn’t make it into our travel section is because of its ridiculously clever GPS tech. It’s the only watch in the world that adjusts to your time zone by itself. Recognising all of the world’s 39 time zones via GPS, the hands adjust automatically to local time wherever you are. This includes when you’re travelling in a vehicle. So, whether it’s steak in Mendoza or mergers in München, you’ll be on time for everything (or at least know exactly how late you are). It’s also got a perpetual calendar accurate to 28 February 2100 when your grandkids will get it as a vintage relic.

R8 650, Picot & Moss
Not since the addition of the toothpick to Victorinox’s Swiss Army Knives has a product excited us as much as the Night Vision Rubber’s. Its got a great nifty lighting system perfect for when your phone is deep in your pocket and you’re looking to pick the lock to escape from an al-Qaeda safehouse. “So what, a torch?” you say. But wait, press the light button three times and it becomes a strobe perfect for signalling for a helicopter when you need a pick-up out of the Persian Gulf… or for busting moves in Ibiza. Did we mention, it’s good-looking too?