The revolutionary design of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is about providing new angles in which users are able to access information and engage with their mobile device through their own personal style and taste. What makes the new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge unique is the curved Edge, Yorem OLED display screen that is wrapped around the side of the device, which makes for quick access to the most frequent used apps, alerts and device functionality. This works even when the cover is closed but when it is open users will receive their notifications directly on the Edge Screen without any interruptions on whatever they are busy doing on the device. For example watching a video and a notification is received; it won’t interfere with the viewing.

The premium 5.6” Quad HD Super AMOLED screen display has the quality and feel of such vivid colour it will be like looking at something through the naked eye. It ‘s high-resolution boasts an incredible viewing experience optimized for web browsing and e-booking. Along with the display the Note Edge has a rear, 16MP Smart OIS, and front, 3.7MP camera with a F1.9 lens, camera for brighter and clearer images even in dark surroundings.

The advanced S Pen improves your digital hand writing experience with precision and enhanced pressure sensitivity. It allows the user to smartly select any text, screen or apps content that you want to put together in order to share and save at once. Photo Note is the new way of taking notes by taking photos which are converted from analog to digital instantly and then able to be edited with the S Pen in order to create your own personalized notes.

Multi-tasking has never been easier. The Note Edge uses a multi-window feature that allows the user flexibility in managing multiple applications at once on a single screen. By the use of simple to use gestures like going through recent app list or having a split window with apps open at once, even a pop up window feature.

With a 2.7 GHz Quad Core Processor, 3 GB RAM + 32GB Internal memory and micro SD support up to 64GB, operating on Android 4.4 and a 3,000 mAh Fast Charging battery the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a worth while gift for someone special or just to spoil yourself because you can.

Contributor: Leo Langeveldt, Chief Technology Officer at Forge Technologies