There is no school like old school, especially an old timer that doesn’t die on you in a day. This is the case with the new Nokia 130. It does not have the frills and fancy features of smartphones and sports the standard 9-button keypad with a built-in FM radio. Yet this old school model does come equipped with some new technology advancements like a colour video screen and Micro SD slot to add up to 32GB of storage. What makes this model fantastic though is its long battery life. You can get up to 36 days of standby time with one charge. Can speak on the phone for a maximum of 13 hours without it going flat or listen to music for 46 hours straight or watch video for 16 hours.

The Nokia 130 is a faster way of sharing videos, music, and much more with its Slam feature via Bluetooth. It makes sharing quick and easy and it works by just bringing the Nokia close to another Bluetooth enabled phone to send something. You can also use the SD card and USB cable. The back cover of the phone is able to keep its colour even when scratched. Kitted out with a bright flashlight on the back you will be sure to always find your way and be ready for anything come day or night.

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Contributor: Leo Langeveldt, Chief Technology Officer at Forge Technologies