LG have recently launched their new G3, successor to the G2 of 2013, which boasts a huge improvement in all its features. Taking quality and design to the next level by even putting one over is close neighbour Samsung. This is a Korean derby of two powerhouses in mobile technology. Will LG’s life go from good to great? Or is the Galaxy just too big?

Suck My Screen Samsung:
What makes the G3 stand out more than its close neighbour is the new 5,5 inch quad-HD display with a 2k resolution. That is 2.7m pixels, a pixel density of 538ppi (pixels per inch) therefore doubling the resolution of Samsung’s Galaxy S5. It makes it the highest ever pixel density delivered on a mobile device.

Whilst the common misconceptions of how a human eye cannot see above 300ppi has been thrown to the wind this new phone is sharper, crisper and has a much greater clarity. The screen has a very realistic colour reproduction with fast adapting frame rates thus leading to less power consumption.

Lightly Curved:
Giving it a test run and one can notice that the new design, even though very big, is lightweight and streamlined. The metallic skin feels smooth to the touch and the floating arch design makes it more comfortable to hold in the hand. These hidden curves were found after many tests in order to choose the perfect radius for its size and do work well but maybe not everyone is a ‘big’ kind of person.

Cellphones have truly undergone a huge transformation since the first mobile handheld phone by Motorola in 1973 that weighed in at 1.1kg and was 23cm long. Some would think that smaller is better. But when you hold something as light as 149g in your hand the LG G3 doesn’t seem so big anymore.

Say Cheese Partner:
Although during a mid western dual the S5 would sling a 16-megapixel shooter over the G3’s 13 it wouldn’t matter. The S5 doesn’t have the newest laser autofocus feature. LG claim it is the first of its kind technology for smartphones. It allows subjects to be focused on faster. It is all about touch and shoot. Previously one would have to touch an area to focus before taking the shot but now the user simply touches the area of a desired focus and it is taken immediately. It also has improved optical image stabilization. Bang, bang Samsung shot down!

It’s A Hard-Knock Life:
What would be the coolest feature of the new G3 is the KNOCK code. An interesting way to unlock the device. The user can customize a combination of three to eight taps set onto a 2×2 grid in a number of different patterns that will make it hard for spying eyes to unlock the phone.

Powered Up:
The new G3 runs of an Android KitKat 4.4.2 operating system with an updated core Qualcomm Snapdragopn 801 processor – yet another one better than the S5 – with more RAM, bigger removable battery of 3000mAH, which the G2 lacked, and comes with wireless charging support. LG has certainly focused on their users and what kind of experience they would enjoy from the phone. Like adding the Smart Security feature – an improved content lock to keep personal files hidden or a kill switch that can disable the phone when stolen. Customers come first to LG rather than just adding all the latest gizmos, which they also have done, to sell it.

Technology analyst Steven Ambrose of StrategyWorx says, “The G3 may prove to be the device that cements LG’s place as a serious contender in the increasingly competitive smartphone arena. The key elements of a premium device in both form factor, build quality, and most critically user experience, have been combined in the G3 in a way that only Apple have been able to get right up till now.”

There has not been an official release date or price but buyers can expect it around August or September. Follow LG on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news.