LG have taken the smartwatch craze a step further. They have done away with the square and rectangular smartwatches that look more like tiny computer screens on your wrist and instilled the classic look and feel back into what a watch is suppose to be like – Analog!

The LG G Watch R is powered by Android Wear and is compatible with Android 4.3+. The G Watch R is very fast thanks to its 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor. It also has 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM.

What makes the G Watch R different to the G Watch before is the 1.3-inch circular plastic P-OLED, always-on IPS display screen that produces stunningly crisp images which makes it very easy to use the touch screen and read notifications for all its content. It resembles a traditionally styled men’s watch.

It is encased in a stainless steel frame and the watch face comes in many different varieties that are accessible with a touch of the screen. There is also a smartwatch calf skin strap of 22cm that is interchangeable making this new smartwatch more flexible for the consumer. It is very light weight also.

A 410mAH battery allows this wearable longer life and is both dust and water resistant which allows the watch to run up to 30 minutes in one meter of water. The G Watch R also incorporates a gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, barometer and heart rate monitor.

The new smartwatch is set to be released later this year.

Contributor: Leo Langeveldt, Chief Technology Officer at Forge Technologies