Sometimes a great idea takes a lot of balls. In this case, 55, 000.

That’s the amount of tennis balls supplied by Slazenger during Wimbledon each year. Include the other three championships and you’ve got 230, 000 discarded tennis balls.

Entrepreneur Richard Moss puts forward an innovative Bluetooth speaker, just in time for Wimbledon 2016 – hearO. A custom made speaker, which integrates sports memorabilia with everyday functionality. The tennis ball is cleverly used as a protective skin, absorbing excess vibration and improving the speaker’s acoustic properties. Developed in collaboration with the Innov8 Group, a Paris-based atelier that fuses technology with lifestyle.The speaker’s grill features a Fibonacci spiral pattern that optimizes sound projection. Each speaker rests on its own charging cradle with a 360-degree magnetic connection. Once fully charged, a mobile hearO can stream wireless audio continuously for up to 5 hours.

The hearO speaker offers consumers a playful, portable speaker – creating a new type of living memorabilia, giving tennis fans a more engaging way to connect with the game’s biggest annual competitions.

The Kickstarter offers special edition collectable hearOs as of 27 June 2016. Running for just 30 days.

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