This is camera evolution at its best. What started with the X10 and X20 models, the Fujifilm X30 has evolved from these best selling innovative technologies. With a high quality CMOS sensor the X30 also includes an impressive real time viewfinder and Film Simulation modes to create the accustomed rich colours and smooth tones that is Fujifilm. With an array other manual functions it makes this camera easy to handle.

The Fujifilm X30 high resolution, real-time organic EL viewfinder is the largest, fastest and highest resolving electronic one in its class. The world through its lens is clear, rich in detail and very vivid thanks to the 2.36 million dot resolution dedication of its lens that comes with adjustable controls. The viewfinder allows for an array of shots that automatically adjust for brightness of the scene, which can also be set manually. It also is the worlds shortest display time lag of 0.005 seconds. It lets the user follow moving subjects without any distractions very easily.

The Film Simulation mode, thanks to Fujifilm’s 80-year experience in film development, is all about the passion of colour. This can be seen in the X30’s Film Simulation settings, which allows for the creation of images without any need for long post-production processes. The user can switch between many styles very easily from and expanded range of modes that include Classic Chrome amongst others.

With great improvements in battery performance over the years the X30 can take up to 470 photos with a single charge of its high-capacity battery. The camera can also be charged via a USB connection relieving the worry to run out of power on a shoot. Due to the new control ring, which can automatically detect which setting will be the most appropriate to take a photo given the setting, certain functions like aperture, shutter speed and more can be chosen more quicker without distracting you from the viewfinder. What has become a hallmark in the X series is the manual zoom ring and other physical dials, which then compliments the control ring very well.

Other features include Interval Timer shooting, the Fujifilm Camera remote, an easy way to share to smartphones and PC’s with its wireless capabilities that can send up to 30 photos at a time and full HD 60fps Movie Shooting.

To accommodate all of this; the high capacity battery, dual rings, and real-time viewfinder finder, the X30 has been redesigned and updated with a larger handgrip to improve handling and helps users to better compose through the viewfinder. This accompanied by a LCD monitor and is finished off in a compact, sturdy mannered style with a magnesium body, metal dials and lens barrel, kitted out in either black or silver

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Contributor: Leo Langeveldt, Chief Technology Officer at Forge Technologies