There’s no such thing as “the best TV”. Rather like a pair of shoes, it’s horses for courses.

If you’re a hard-core gamer you’ll have completely different demands from a National Geographic fan. Here’s how to navigate the minefield that is an electronics store.


LG have announced their first commercially available OLED TV, while others are still prototyping. When costs are reduced, this is clearly the way to go, with pin sharp images, superb contrast and blacks that are actually black. They’re not to be confused with LED TVs, which are actually LCD displays backlit with LEDs instead of fluorescent tubes.

Picture and sound modes

Most TVs have a setting in the menu with which you can change the picture and sound mode. Options include Movie, Gaming and Sport. The sound settings often provide a graphic equalizer for fine-tuning.

Apps for TV

Facebook – watch movies with your mates, virtually. Comment.
YouTube – be the first to see the next big video that goes viral.
SuperSport – watch live content whilst getting updates via ticker

Hooking it up to a PC?

Look for an extra HDMI input at the front or easily accessible on the side – most laptops and some smartphones feature HDMI outputs. Invest in a Full HD TV – the difference between 720p and 1080p is more obvious using a PC than a dedicated Blu-ray player.