We know, this time of year the daily shave becomes a weekly one.

It takes you a second or two to recognise work colleagues at the beach because ‘they’re trying a new look’ or ‘just couldn’t be bothered, mate’.

Don’t let your holiday grooming routine become a problem – there’s a simpler way…

Philips brings you a range of easy-to-use shavers and trimmers designed for the shaving schedule you choose.

Take the MG1100. A trimmer that lets you trim, shape and style the perfect facial look. It brings you a double-sharpened cutting element with low friction engineering that allows you to cut evenly and shape your facial style. This skin friendly detail shaver is designed to fit small spaces with more precision plus it has 3 precision combs and is fully washable.

The MG1100 is for the guy who wants to look like he ‘woke up like this’ but instead woke up 45 minutes early to get that look.

Maybe you will prefer a clean shave at some point – try something from the Aqua Touch range and you can’t go wrong with the AT790 Wet and Dry shaver – a shaver with a gentle cut mechanism that minimises the risk of ingrown hairs. It has a pop up trimmer which is perfect for grooming your side burns and moustache. Plus it’s fully washable and doesn’t need to be charged every few days.

We also know there are some big hitters out there and if that sounds like you, get your hands on the S5420, which protects up to 10 times better than a regular blade*, which means you get a close shave without nicks and cuts.

To make it even better the MultiPrecision Blade System raises and cuts all hairs and remaining stubble – all in a few strokes. And you can’t go wrong with 5-direction Flex Heads with 5 independent movements that ensure close skin contact for a fast and close shave even on neck and jaw line.

Another thing Philips know about holiday season, is that this time of year – most people head down south.

And we’re not talking about the coast. If you do decide to make that move you need something that’s going to be gentle and itch free. For you there’s the BG1024 body groomer. It trims body hair and protects skin all thanks to a bio-directional head that allows comfort even in the most sensitive areas – plus it has a shower cord for no mess manscaping.

It’s the time of year when routine goes out the window. When schedules and the normal routine are cast aside. It’s also the time of year when you can try something new, so whatever your shaving routine this time of year let the easy to use Philips range of trimmers and shavers keep you off the naughty list.

*Protects 10x better versus a regular blade — test done in Germany 2015, after 21 days acclimation

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